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YAM YABASHA is an outdoor and adventure based counseling private program.
Our clinics in Tel Aviv and in "Emek ha-Elah" are one side of our program, The other; the unique therapeutic side is our adventure based intervention.
A bit more interesting and challenging than only talking, don't you think?

We promote using nature, outdoor activities for growth both individually and for the whole family.
For some nature is the best surrounding for change and reflection, for some doing is the key growth, so we sail, we kayak, hike, navigate, use rope courses and all other health promoting activities.
The people that enjoy our services come when they want to explore, when they feel that "something" is bigger that it's actual size.  
We work daily with youth at risk, veterans with PTSD and families using adventure based counseling.

Our partners are nonprofit organizations that specialized in one of those subjects; we have the chance to be part of some great social ngo's:  like ETGARIM, LOTAN'S WAY, HAVAT ORI, The Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma and the Community Stress Prevention Centre.
We found that working with social organizations as partners is the right way for us to do adventure therapy, especially when they come open hearted. New partners are welcome.

This site is mostly for Hebrew readers, we welcome you to email us, and start a dialog.


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